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NEW Photos from Debbie Gibson 2018 Special Guest
Shows with
Casey James 
NEW Photos
SEE YOU at  Dallas International Guitar Festival 2018
NEW Photos with Derek St Holmes ( Ted Nugent )  George Lynch ( DokkenPoint Blank and others


See you at
NAMM 2019 in LA
BOOTH 2448

Big THANK YOU to some folks that support me






I am available to Record
Bass Tracks For Your Songs..
See how the process works.


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In Memory of my companion dog Brit and Poudah that passed
Tashi passed 4-20-08.

This site contains info about some of my favorite things.
This site has a few of my Favorite things. Basses , Amps and Dogs.
I am available to play on your demos or recordings.
E-mail me your requirements and for rates.
I have a fine digital studio to get phat bass sounds.
I usually FTP or I would burn you the tracks and FedEx the CD to you.

My other interest is Dogs. I will have information on
Pet Health and Care. And where to take them to run free while
you are in the Urban Jungle and Dog Stories.
See Poudahs Pad

Contact me


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