Alleva Coppolo & Ashdown in my Studio

Alleva Coppolo & Amp in my Studio          Amp SOLD

This bass is over the top. It is my signature model by Alleva~Coppolo. The model is the KBP4. Jimmy at made this one for me. I played P basses for years before I went to 5 strings and wanted to go back to meat and potatoes.  I was looking for a vintage Fender P and Jimmy decided to get together with me and make a signature P bass that is over the top as far as vintage tone and feel go.
I have always liked the feel of the early 60 jazz bass neck. So Jimmy made a P-bass with a Nitro finish on a very light piece of Alder wood for the body  and a jazz neck with Brazilian rosewood fingerboard. I have not played any other bass since I got this in the summer of '04 except for my Sadowsky 5 that was needed on a session one time. People do not believe it is a P bass when they hear it . It is open and woody, with great mid and top definition. A truly one of a kind. Just wonderful. I can't say enough good things about it.