1997 Musicman

1997 Musicman Stingray

I feel that the music man basses are some of the best "Made in USA" production basses available today. The neck pockets are tight; the body shapes are comfy and balanced. The neck and frets are true.
I removed the stock flat black pick guard for the no-guard look for a while. I now have a Mother of Toilet seat guard on it. I will need to post a new updated pic as soon as I can.
I have to say that this bass gives my 1977 Stingray a run for the money. It is a bit lighter since the body is made of swamp ash. The neck has a nice rosewood fingerboard and a back taper that I think is more comfy than the original Stingrays like my 1977 one. However I do not like the 3 band stock music man preamps- at all. The day I got it home I replaced it with my own "2 band preamp", designed and hand-built and wired by myself. It is an exact duplicate of the 1976-78 musicman preamps. It made the bass come alive. This bass plays like buttah.