Allie Ann Powers Burkhardt. 
aka. Sparky, Allie McBeal.
Girl dog, Sweetie, Alien, Allie Ann, Baby Girl, Silly

Poudah  R.I.P  on 4-23-06
Brit R.I.P 11-6-2006


Allie RIP page

Rescued 5-7-2006   R.I.P 1-29-2020

Allie was a Hurricane Katrina rescue.
She must have been on the run for a while since was somewhat matted and fairly skinny.

I was told she was transported to North Texas Noah's Ark Rescue and  she had been there for about 2 weeks.
She had a certain thing about her so I asked if I could take her out for a walk.
They put the leash around her skinny little neck as she spun in circles like a tornado, just being happy and joyful to be out.
As I'm watching her spin in circles in her fenced area, I noticed her very long spindly legs, somewhat tiny head with clear large black eyes. They looked like Oreos. I thought she looked like a mini Afghan or Sheepdog. 26 pounds of dynamite! And everyone joked that she had Super Model legs! HA.
I thought she looked like an Alien, but is cool.
I decided to take her home that day and filled out the paperwork. That was one of the best decisions I ever made.

The shelter people told me her name was Muffin……I would quickly change that. And because of her appearance, I named her ALIEN.
She didn't answer to Alien at all so after a few days I knew I needed to change it. The first name that came to mind was, Allie. She responded to that immediately. Allie Ann, it was… She was so damn smart.

Allie was very skittish at first and she was afraid of all sounds.
The sounds of Doors opening, hand-claps, paper bags, water running etc. Just everyday type sounds would make he crouch down.
I knew she will require special patience of which I seem to have when it comes to dogs.
The first day in her forever home she learned how to use the doggie door. She did it on the first try.
As a young one, Allie was extremely smart. Very soon she was zooming in and out with the other two dogs.

Allie and I had some turbulent times after a split with my ex followed up by some major health issues that landed me in the hospital for five weeks on and off.
That was a time that I worried about what was going to happen to her as I was out cold in a hospital bed.
My friend took care of her as I was in the hospital for one week, then out for two days and then back into the hospital again for another week.
I know it was hard on Allie since all we had were each other.
But I told my dog the day I adopted her  "I will NEVER abandon you" . And I kept my promise to her last heartbeat.

We were bonded! The day I came home from the hospital she lay by my side for days. She knew something was not good.  I did get well over the coming months.

Over time, my patience and constant positive reinforcement allowed Allie to become much more sure of herself and unafraid of sounds and people. She became the leader of the household. It's pretty funny how that worked out.

One afternoon I took her to a drummer friend's house for the day.
My friend and I went out for lunch and I left Allie and his dog in the backyard to play.
Suddenly I had this powerful mental image and feeling in my gut that something was very wrong and told I him we had to get back to the house immediately!
When we arrived at the house Allie wasn't there!
She escaped the yard through a small hole in the fence. I panicked! I knew she was out looking for me.
She sent me a clear mental message that she was in trouble.
About a half-hour of driving around I saw her running across a front lawn, and I called her and she came. I am so thankful to God that I found her. The bond is real between animals and humans.

If it weren't for Allie I never would have met Dawn. But that is another long story.

Before Dawn moved to Texas she would fly into DFW Airport from NYC to come see me.
On Dawn's first trip to Texas, I told Allie "don't worry little Allie, if you don't like her I not going to let her come back." LOL
It turned out that Dawn and Allie hit it off right away. Whewwww.
In fact, they hit it off so well the day I had to take Dawn to the airport, Allie lay like a sad dog  by the front door for a week waiting for her return. Allie missed Dawn. Well, Dawn did come back and I am thankful.

The second time she flew into DFW I decided to take Allie with me to the airport. Why not??
It was hot outside so I took Allie on a leash into the terminal. People were petting her and loving on her.
One of the Airport workers saw her big fluffy feet and said: "She's Gonna be a big dog when she gets older". HAHA.
She looked like a puppy but I didn't have the heart t tell the man she already is OLDER. So I laughed.

We saw Dawn was coming thru baggage claim, Allie spotted her and went haywire!!! As Dawn approached, Allie rolled over on her back wagging her tail greeting Dawn. Allie was so excited she peed on the floor. Yep, I cleaned it up. The Airport people said, "It's OK, It happens ALL THE TIME!"

Allie is a pretty lucky little dog. She was able to travel throughout most of The United States except for California and Oregon.
She's been with Dawn and me every single time we go out for our morning coffee, or as we go on a local drive, road trips to the Hamptons  Long Island, NY, Beaches , Gulf of Mexico,  mountains of Colorado, the Wild West Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, the entire southwest desert and north to the Appalachian states to the great lakes of Chicago.
She's been to the St. Louis Arch and the heart of New York City, all the way down to the Mexican border.

You know how dogs are; they have to mark their territory. Even the spoiled ones. So she peed at each destination.

I thought it was pretty cute the way she loved when I would tell her the rescue story. It's about the only time that she would not  use up her energy. She sat quietly, blinked her eyes as if she's acknowledging me and telling me to thank you.
Well, she doesn't need to thank me, I need to thank her.

I've had dogs in my lifetime but this gentle soul stole my heart.

When she was young and able to look out the window of the car, people always pull up alongside us and say what a beautiful dog she is. It happened nearly every day. I would tell her "see Allie, I'm not lying to you." 

I can honestly say that Allie never got in trouble. She never chewed up anything; she never pooped or peed in the house. The only time that she would bark was when somebody would knock on the front door like the mailman or UPS person.

As a musician, I would keep late nights and she would patiently wait for me to come home late at night from a job.

Dawn and Allie also had a great deep bond from the first time they met each other. Dawn became the mommy that Allie always wanted. And they kept each other company while I was out gigs. I really miss coming home and seeing both of them together.

Allie passed on a cloudy Wednesday in January 2020 just after 12 noon.


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