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Medical Doctors Are The Third Leading Cause of Death in the US,
Killing 250,000 People Every Year

The July 28th issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) is the best article I have ever seen written in the published literature documenting the tragedy of the traditional medical paradigm.

  • Update - Sept. 2000
    JAMA pulls the link!
    Unfortunately the JAMA article that was posted on the JAMA site has been archived into an area for paying subscribers only and it no longer available for free viewing on-line. These are the stats that were in that article. I hope some of you out there saw it! It received no press at all.
  • The following is re-printed and copyrighted by M. McCain from the Fall 2000 HHA News.
  • J.A.M.A. admits... Conventional Medicine Errors are the 3rd Leading Cause of Death in the U.S. And you pay for this???
  • In a mind boggling article published by The Journal of the American Medical Association - Vol. 284. No. 4 - July 28, 2000 the research finally admits to mainstream that they are killing 250,000 Americans per year. They estimate the figure to be low and say remember these are only the death figures, not the adverse side effects associated with disability or discomfort. Complete article is on the web site.
  • 12,000 - unnecessary surgery
    7,000 - medication errors in hospital
    20,000 - other errors in hospitals
    80,000 - nosocomial infections in hospitals
    106,000 - adverse effects of medications
  • Hey people, compare this to hand gun deaths, drunk driver deaths, air bag deaths or any other issue that takes up mainstream press time and ask yourself why this situation which kills 1/4 million of us a year, and don't forget you pay highly for this extinction privilege, isn't a serious issue! We have taken a great deal of flack from mainstream at the Herbal Healer Academy. We have been called just about every name under the sun and have been harassed for years. Some of you understand this as you are even criticized by your own families for trying to help yourself and them using safe, natural supplements. Well folks, with Stats like this it is plain to see who are the weird and nutty ones... What is wrong with the American people that they are so weak minded that they will die taking toxic poison before they will take responsibility for themselves and learn about their bodies? Are they so brow beaten by the system and their own self esteem issues that they can't say no when someone/something is going to poison them? What is wrong with the mainstreamers that when they look up the side effects of their chemical drugs and see the side effects written in black and white in the PDR (Physicians Desk Reference) they still take the poison, knowing full well they are going to risk their health. Why are they still doing this? I can not tell you how many hundreds of people I have talked to over the years that are afraid to take an herbal tea but will quaff down 6 or 7 chemical prescription drugs. My friends this has to be a simple case of mass brainwashing. It is simply not rational. Many people continue to believe the lies they are told and refuse to take personal responsibility for their lives.
  • Many believe the US has the best health care in the world, but look at more JAMA stats!!!
    Of 13 countries the US rankings are terrible. (Countries in order of their average ranking - Japan, Sweden, Canada, France, Australia, Spain, Finland, Netherlands, U.K., Denmark, Belgium, US, and Germany.)
  • US ranking's are as follows:
    13th (last) in low-birth weights
    13th - neonatal mortality
    11th - post neonatal mortality
    13th - life lost excluding external causes
    11th for life expectancy at 1 year for females
    12th for males 10th for life expectancy at 15 years for females
    12th for males 10th for life expectancy at 40 for females
    9th for males 7th for life expectancy at 65 for females
    7th for males 10th for age adjusted mortality.
  • The poor performance of the United States was confirmed by the World Health Organization. The press would have you believe that it is the American lifestyle.. smoking, drinking, etc., but the statistics show otherwise. The top ranking best health care statistics are from Japan and 41% of the women smoke and 61% of the men. US stats are 24% of women smoke and 28% men. The data for alcohol is similar.
  • In my opinion it is the toxic lifestyle of chemical drug use, toxic medical therapies, ingestion of environmental poisons such as pesticides, chemical additives to foods, unnecessary food dyes in most drinks, poisoned tap water that contain carcinogenic chemicals, to name a few, plus a general disregard for nature and all that is natural. For instance, plastic commercials are aired to reinforce mainstream acceptance, but the pollution that is caused by the manufacturing of plastics is just mind boggling. For instance, research shows that PCB's act like estrogen in the body and upset the regular metabolism making women heavier and feminizing men. Statistics show men's sperm counts have been dropping for years due to environmental impacts of the toxins. These toxins are in the entire US water supply. I could rant on forever about what I will call the "no-regard for sustainable life" consciousness, but I will tell you it must change and it must change very soon.
  • There are thousands of gifted inventors that have solutions available for all our environmental problems, but until now they have been ridiculed, prosecuted and in some cases murdered. I hold the entire responsibility for this state of affairs with the consciousness of the mainstream thinkers. It is mainstreamers who, with their money, supported the whole tragic situation and allowed it to prosper.
  • HHA was recently harassed by the Dept. of Agriculture in Nebraska for our website presence of the natural dog and cat flea collars, pyrethrum powder and diatomaceous earth. They were hammering us with FDA pesticide laws and demanded that we not allow the sale of these products to the people in Nebraska. We are not in any violation as our products are manufactured by Natural Animal and they are registered. The email was very aggressive and folks we are talking about an essential oil flea collar and non toxic herbs and prehistoric dust! This is how out of balance the mainstream is... What about the article that was just released showing research and evidence that the use of home chemicalized pesticides causes Parkinson's disease!!! Here's the latest on that... The study lead by Loreen Nelson, a neuroepidemiologist, at Stanford University's School of Medicine, is the largest ever of individuals with newly diagnosed Parkinson's disease. The study findings were presented in May 2000 at the American Academy of Neurology's 52nd Annual Meeting in San Diego and a full report is expected to be released in 2001. They found that people exposed to in-home pesticides were 70% more likely to develop Parkinson's than those with no exposure. Exposure to garden insecticides increased the risk by 50%. Herbicides increased greatly with the factor of exposure. 30 days exposure - 40% more likely - over 120 days - 70% more likely... So if you use insecticides in the house and herbicides in the garden seems like your chances of getting Parkinson's is statistically pretty high.
  • The point I am making here is the natural medicine industry is continually harassed over and over again on small insignificant issues and we certainly haven't killed 250,000 people this year nor do we poison them... It is time the harassment issues were reversed. Our company like many other grass roots organizations works very hard at not only supplying natural supplements and medicines that work, but we also play a large role in bringing awareness to people. Unfortunately changing consciousness and spilling the beans on the status quo can be a rough task. Not only are we harassed by the mainstream organizations, but even some members go right off the deep end. We have been verbally abused and criticized about really minor issues and would like you critics to try to look at the BIG PICTURE for a change and be a whole lot more supportive in this fight to help bring sanity back to health care.

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