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  • NEW  2024
  • Dallas International Guitar Show - Solo artist Jared James Nichols and George Lynch of Dokken
  • Debbie Gibson Electric Youth EY35 PHOTOS
  • Debbie Gibson - 80's Cruise tour Feb 29 - March 7, 2024


  • BREAKING: On Tour with International Pop Star - Debbie Gibson - The Body Remembers Tour 2022
    Photos and Video links soon. For now visit my

  • NEW 5 Part Interview with Jason Neal, 2022. Kirk Powers interview, the untold story. Bass Player with pop star Debbie Gibson and others.
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
    Part 5
  • NEW Dallas Guitar Show, 2022
  • Dallas Guitar Show, 2021
  • Dallas Guitar Show, May 2019 with Guitar hero George Lynch from Dokken
  • January, 24 -27 2019. See ya'll at NAMM 2019 Alleva Coppolo booth #2448
  • Oct 18, 2018 Texas show as a  Guest with my friend and ex Boss international pop star Debbie Gibson . Thanks to her band for letting me sit in
  • November and Summer 2017 Heading out for shows with American Idol - Casey James
  • October 2017 I would like to thank Kevin Harvey and Seymour Duncan for welcoming me into the Seymour Duncan family . I have been using their Pickups in one way or another since the 1980s .
  •  April 2017 Kirk is on tour with American Idol- Casey James PHOTO More pics soon
  • April 2016 Playing bass in a Musical play with hit songwriter Becky Hobbs. Duane Sciacqua on guitar and Musical Director formerly with ( Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh , Glenn Frey)
  •  April 2016 Cutting some tracks for Dangerous Guitars site with another brass player Billy Sheehan on the fancy stuff. I'm on the meat and potatoes with  Gus G. from OZZYs band on guitar
  • 12-2015 Evaluating a new amplifier with amp builder Jeff Genzler for his new line of amps to be revealed at NAMM 2016 in SoCal
  • 11-2015 Some great Video  and recording sessions with Grammy winning Guitar Player Redd Volkeart for Dangerous Guitars website
  •  5-1-2014 Demoing some new PUs from EMG
    Interview RUSTY BURNS (Point Blank) September 2014
    Kirk is an awesome bassists and undoubtedly one of the best we have been blessed to work with. He and Greg came in to the band at the same time, shortly after Phillip's passing. He is extremely musical and a master of his instrument, so I know Phillip would be as pleased as we are that he is a member of Point Blank. The building of the musical relationships between Kirk, Mike, and Greg seemed to be an automatic fit. Whenever you put high calibre accomplished musicians together the music becomes the glue that bonds them together and Kirk's ability to interpret and express the feel of the music has made every transition very natural and easy.
  • Ill be attending The Alleva Coppolo 4th annual BASSACRE in LA. April 5, 2014 More info www.allevacoppolo.com
  • I just ordered an Xsonics 1155TF cab.. whooo hooo
  • 10-28-2013 Make-A-Wish event (VIDEO) with Alleva~Coppolo Basses and Guitars, Houston, Hard Rock Cafe
  • 9-28-2013 GK Fusion MB800 heading my way
  •  I'll see you all at the 3rd annual Alleva Coppolo St. Valentines Day Bassacre. In LA. Calif  Feb 2013
    Alleva Copplolo bass day clinic and Trade Show
  • Got NAMM?  I will be at the Alleva Coppolo Booth 1558 at NAMM 2012 in Anaheim, CA . Jan, 19 - 22, 2012  Come say hi.
  • Just got my new Genz Benz ShuttleMAX 9.2 Bass Amp. YeeeHaw
  •  Wow, very cool. I was added to the Genz Benz Artist page !! Click Here
  •  February 2011 Genz Benz Streamliner 900 All I can say is Wow
    pic here
  •  January 2011  NAMM show Los Angeles, CA Alleva Coppolo booth
  • My professional amplifier company Genz Benz is shipping me their new gear for 2011. The new Streamliner 900 amplifier. 900 watts with Class D power, 3 Tubes with 6 class "A" gain stages, and the new Genz Benz Uber 1288t UQ speaker cabs for my upcoming Point blank and other high profile gigs to be announced soon.
  • Oct. 22, 2010 I will be at Bass Player Live in Los Angeles, CA. Representing Alleva Coppolo basses
  • Photos Point Blank gigs in Monte Carlo, Monaco and Paris,France
  • August 2010
    My new Alleva Coppolo LG5 Super Custom Bass is being sent to finishing. Only a few more weeks to go before I take delivery. This is a highly customized LG5, body size , shape, custom cut neck profile etc. Looking Forward to it!
  • July 2010
    After the sudden passing of Philip Petty, I have been selected and start rehearsals for tours with classic southern rock band Point Blank. Yup Oh Nicole!. Incredible Rusty Burns and Mouse Mouse Mays on guitar and John O'Daniel's on vocals
  • January 2010
    At NAMM 2010 in Anaheim , CA with Alleva Coppolo Basses Booth 1655
  • November 2009
    Just received my Genz Benz Shuttle 9.0 Amplifier. All I can say is Wow!
  • May 2009
    Now a Westone family member with my product endorsement of the Westone ES2
    In-Ear Monitors.
  • January 2008
    Unveiling of my new Alleva Coppolo KBP-5 at Winter NAMM 08 I have some early pictures on my
  • December 2007
    My new Alleva Coppolo LG5 has been completed and shipped to me. I should have it in a few days. LG-5 Custom with old growth Alder body, Nitro Inca Silver paint with matching headstock and only LG5 with a Maple fingerboard other than my other LG5.
  • November 2007
    Yes.. it is the month of my Birthday, But also I have a custom signature set of strings in association with Alleva~Coppolo basses and guitars. Stay tuned
  • October 2007
    Alleva Coppolo of New York  is in final development of my signature KBP5 bass. It will compliment my KBP4 design. Product release is scheduled for winter NAMM 2008 in Los Angeles.
  • April 2007
    Thank you Peter Montessi of
    A-Designs Audio  Professional Audio Products for bringing me on board with the  REDDI Tube DI.
    This Box Rox!
    And changed the way I record my basses.
  • February 2007
    I am proud to announce that I am new to the Genz Benz amplifier family. Thank you to Roger Hart of Genz Benz for your excellent support and product knowledge.
    Genz Benz site
  • Matt Rubano from "Taking Back Sunday" is a new player of my signature model Alleva~ Coppolo KBP-4 - Bass Player Magazine January 2006 page 66.
  • January 2005
    Ashdown Bass Gear. I bought a combo for studio work.

  • April 2005
    Kirks new association with PreSonus Audio:



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