Poudah passed at home on 4-23-06 of natural causes.
With her family present.
We loved her little body and spirit, and miss her deeply.

Brits R.I.P. 11-6-2005
Allie R.I.P. 1-29-2020


Poudah celebrated life every day.

Poudah, miss P, bear, bear dog, ewok , girl dog, little dog but she liked Pou the best.

My little dog Poudah (P'oo dah) was a faithful companion, protector, confidant and My Best Friend.

Poudah went to Heaven 4-23-06 at 11:57 am CST. She passed while at home with family of natural causes. We lost Brit, her dog husband in November of 2005. I feel she died of a broken heart. The day Brit died, I feel she said to me that day "What am I supposed to do now"?

This is truly the greatest loss that I have ever experienced in my life.

You really needed to get to know Poudah to love her. She was selective of the people that she would get close to her or me. But she was so sweet and devoted.

She was rescued the day after July 4th of 1993. We went to the North Shore Animal League in New York to find a companion for our one dog Tashi.

I wanted a puppy, but the GF saw this one dog that was about 1-2 years old. The little dog was shaking of her unknown future, while in a concrete area behind the fence. The sign said her name was Misty.

We took her out to play with her for a few minutes to see if she liked us and that we liked her. I strongly insisted that I really did not want another dog at all, much less one that is not a puppy.

I thought that she had a funny face; since she was all shaved down to skin, and I said no, no, no.

But that little dog looked into my eyes and said as clear as a bell to me
"You are my only chance". I swear to this day that she said that to me.

So I said, "let's sign the papers". And we did. And she came home.

It was an action that I will never forget, and most likely the best decision that I have ever made in my life, for the little dog and myself.

She was definitely not a Misty, but the name Poudah was written all over her little body and from that day forward that is what it was, Poudah!

For some reason, that little 19 pound Poudah would somehow put the fear of a
Godzilla-like creature approaching into someone, even the largest of men. She had a large air of confidence about her. So huge that even gigantic German Sheppard's would give her room to pass by. She was the queen.

Poudah is kind of famous too. Her name was etched into a microchip and sent on a NASA space probe upon Project Stardust that traveled around our Solar System http://stardust.jpl.nasa.gov/overview/microchip/names2b33.html
Something of which she was very, very proud of.

She also loved when I would tell her stories and talk to her in normal English. She understood me completely and I believe she talked back to me when I was quiet and still, and not distracted with everyday life, and she was loud and clear.

She would look at me and pet my face with her little paw as if to say I understand and love that you are taking this time to talk with me and I love you. I have never seen a dog pet their human so gently on the face as she did.

That dog had a heart of gold. Ever vigilant over the family, and she cared after her beloved dog husband Brit by cleaning his eyes and ears for him by licking. Many thought that it was disgusting but she was a mommy dog. Poudah would not go to bed until she went through the house and counted to be sure that all were home and safe.

She loved treats! She loved chicken! And she loved being around people, and she would tease them. Her favorite game was CHASE ME.

A week before she passed, we made a BBQ, somehow she got a raw chicken wing. Poudah took that wing and buried it under the pillow in bed… Man that is freaky when you put your hand under there at night.. in the dark. And it's a chicken wing, goopy and raw.

I have thousands of great memories of us together, far too many to write here,  but two that I miss the most is her rolling on her back with all 4 feet in the air, first thing in the morning. I knew it was going to be a great day, and it always was. That was her day barometer.

The other was when I came home from a gig she waited up for me like a mother would. She made me come down to the floor and she would lick my face for 1-2 minutes with that little curled tail wagging. Then she could go to sleep.

I came home from a gig the night before she died and when she greeted me it was like she had not seen me in weeks, and I was so happy to see her too.
I had no idea that her time was to come in just a few very short hours.

Finally I have to say that Poudah had a grand and wonderful sense of humor. She was a comedian right up to the last day. Most of my deep belly laughs over the decade and a half came from something that she would do, and I am so happy for that experience. She was a gift from God. She saved my life many years ago and I am forever grateful and in her debt.

Poudah, I am glad that you got the bell you wanted.

Thank you Poudah, I love you and miss you little dog.


Love Daddy Kirk



I carved miss Poudah's name in my Alleva Coppolo signature KBP4 bass as a tribute to her.

Folks often request that I use this bass. It has been dubbed The "Poudah Bass"



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