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I Can Record Bass Tracks For Your Songs



I am making myself available to a wider clientele by also offering my services over the internet. I can record Bass tracks for your songs that you to load into your DAW.

You may ask Why? Read my FAQ

All my Bass Tracks are recorded in 24 bit 48 kHz with no effects or EQ. I am able to do Higher sample rates up to 192. But I have never had that request.  

I usually record through my  A-Designs REDDI tube DI. I simultaneously record a LIVE amp Ampeg B15 or Ampeg SVT through 810 or 115 cab mic'd with RE20 and send tracks out in proper phase.

This is the normal format & most of my clients love my bass track results.
Additional sounds are available such as room mic on my Ampeg B-15.. Vintage Fender basses or Musicman Stingrays, Sadowsky,  and a selection of  my Custom 5 string basses by Alleva-Coppolo and Sadowsky are also available. Fretless or Acoustic track on request.

I record with no EQ so this way my clients can EQ and use effects on the tracks as they wish (I can also do this here if needed such as add Compression - 1176 or LA2A or amp simulators such as the Line 6 - Bass Pod Pro XT).

This is how the process works.
Also see my FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Read Here

Convert your song(s) into an MP3 or leave as .WAV & send  to my DROPBOX or upload to your Drop box for me to fetch. Include info with your ideas for the bass part. You will need to e-mail me first, to get Permission to my drop box account. Or set up a share folder on your DROPBOX account
I require a  minimum of two tracks.  Separate DRUM TRACK, and the other will need to be your song.  .WAV. AIFF preferred but hi quality MP3 is fine if all time lines up to a ZERO start point. Your engineer would know how to set that up for you to send to me.

(Be sure to include the Format 41.1k- 24bit, 48.0k 24bit etc.. , Key of song & Tempo, BPM)
Each song needs a "Count In" & should be as close to Finished as possible. Continuous tracks from ZERO to end must be sent. A separate drum track is essential to complete tight bass drum mix.
E-mail me if you have questions

The "Count In" will be pasted onto the bass track, which will allow You to line up the track if needed both visually and audibly.

After the bass track has been recorded, a reference mix will be sent via my FTP link or DROPBOX to you for download.
You review it & if you are satisfied with the work you post payment to me, usually through Paypal,Zelle, Venmo.

After payment, I will Upload my Bass track in high quality .AIFF or .WAV format to my DROPBOX  account or to your " DROPBOX  or similar" shared folder for you to download.
You download it, import it to your DAW & mix/eq/edit...ect.
It will be just as if I was there recording it in your studio!

I provide Very Reasonable rates for the Starving Artists.

Email me for more information and rates.


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