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Kirk Powers

5 String Bass
Fretless Bass

Hailing from New York City, Kirk Powers stands as an accomplished bass player with an extensive track record of appearances on numerous recordings, tours, clinics, and various events. His upbringing in the diverse musical landscape of the city exposed him to a wide range of styles.

Having contributed to RIAA-Certified Gold and Platinum records, Kirk's impressive portfolio boasts collaborations with notable figures such as Roger Nichols (Steely Dan Producer), Deborah Gibson (Atlantic Records), Casey James (American Idol), American Tears (Columbia Records), Dave Lebolt (Keyboards with David Bowie, Billy Joel), Steve Hass (Manhattan Transfer), David Baker (Sony), Jellybean Benitez (Madonna), George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob), Derek St. Holmes (Ted Nugent, Brad Whitford), Lance Lopez (Supersonic Blues Machine), Redd Volkaert (Grammy-winning guitarist), and many more.kirk_powers

Additionally, Kirk completed two global tours alongside pop sensation Debbie Gibson (Deborah Gibson), contributing to video and record sales that garnered him a few multi-platinum and gold discs. His diverse credits extend to broadcast commercials for Lincoln/Mercury, the Island of Jamaica, and a series of other radio and TV advertisements.

His musical journey has graced live and recorded television programs, including iconic shows like The Wonder Years, the American Music Awards, Late Night TV, Arsenio Hall Show, Entertainment Tonight, HBO Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary, and various productions by the legendary Dick Clark. Notably, Kirk has opened shows for an impressive lineup of artists, including Foreigner, Robert Plant, Peter Frampton, Foghat, Bon Jovi, Phil Collins, Bee Gees, Belinda Carlisle, UFO, Led Zeppelin, and more.

In 2015, Kirk embarked on a new chapter, establishing his own studio and diving into recording material with Dangerous Guitars. Simultaneously, he has been captivating audiences internationally and locally.
As of 2022 and 2024, Kirk is proudly back on the stage with pop star, multi #1 Hit songwriter, actress, and Guinness World Record holder, Debbie Gibson. First up in 2024 is Debbie's 35 Anniversary 80's Cruise show to Curacao and Aruba

Beyond the spotlight, Kirk has been a significant contributor to the evolution of Alleva Coppolo Basses and Guitars, lending his insights to design features, ergonomics, and pioneering research in electrical pre-amp and magnetic pickup technology. His influence is immortalized in his signature models, the Alleva Coppolo KBP4 and KBP5 basses.

Currently calling a quaint town north of Austin, TX home, Kirk Powers channels his passion as an animal and dog advocate in his free time and playing bass for his local church, The Garden.



Ampeg SVT 3 non pro
Ampeg Micro VR
Ampeg Venture V-12
Ampeg SGT-DI
Barefaced Two10 x 2
GENZLER Magellan 800
Fender TB1200.
Fender Bassman Pro 800
Fender 115 x 2
Genz Benz Uber 115s
Alleva Coppolo  Custom 4 and 5 string basses
Fender P basses
Fender Jazz Basses
Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound P Pickups


My Gear List

Artists that  Kirk has performed with on Master Recordings, Live Television, Live Radio, Showcases, Stage and Demos.

Debbie Gibson (Atlantic Records)
Casey James ( American Idol)
Derek St. Holmes ( Ted Nugent Brad Whitford)
Bumblefoot (Formerly of Guns n Roses)
Point Blank (MCA-Arista-Dixie Frog)
Becky Hobbs ( singer ,hit songwriter)
Lance Lopez ( Supersonic Blues Machine )
Dave Evans - AC/DC -original singer
Roger Nichols (Record Producer, Steely Dan)
Otis Taylor (WC Handy Award Winner)
Benjy King (Producer, Songwriter - Patty Smyth Scandal)
RotGut (Opie and Anthony Radio Show)
The Wonder Years  (TV Show,Soundtrack)
Edgar Winters White Trash Horns
Voodoo Kings
(Virtual Records)
Richard Gottehrer -Producer (Blondie)
David  Baker (Sony  Music)
Ana  (Epic/ Park Records)
American Tears (Columbia Records)
Pal Joey  (Sutra Records)
Dave Lebolt (David Bowie, Billy Joel)
Pete Thompson (drums with Robert Plant and Robin Trower)
Gary Corbet (Cindi Lauper,Cinderella)
The Good Rats (Peppi Marchello Warner Bros.)
Judi Dozier (keys w/ Billy Idol)
Bruce Kulick (Kiss)
Latanzi  (RCA Records)
Duane Sciacqua (Paul McCartney, Glenn Frey)
John O'Reilly (Drums with TSO, John Lennon)
Jellybean Benitez  (Record Producer, Madona, Disney)
The Blisters (Mannequin Records)
Madden Rae (Mannequin Records)
Fred Norris (Howard Stern Show)
Fred Zarr
( producer Modona, Tina Turner)
Don Famularo (Drummer,Clinician)
Steve Hass (Drummer/Manhattan Transfer, Patti Austin)
Guy Gelso (Drums w/ Zebra)
Charlie Pride
Jerry Sartain
(CSP Records)
Buddy Whittington (guitar with John Mayal)
Redd Volkaert ( Grammy Winner)
Guthrie Kennard
Bethel (Christian Rock)
Cross Timbers Community Church
Radiant Life Church
The Prophesy Club
George Lynch ( Dokken , Lynch Mob )
Eye Of The Nine (with  Billy Sheehan, myself and others)
Phil King ( Christian Artist)
Rachel Stacy
The Garden Church
Ty Herndon
( Grammy winning country artist )
Steve Holy
country hit writer
Jared James Nichols


Jared James Nichols -
Dallas Guitar Show- mistakes and all. We just met 10 minutes earlier . ha
George Lynch Guitar Show - Wicked Sensation
George Lynch - Dokken - Soundcheck LIVE
Big Wampum Little Wing Jam with my fiends Yup Bass Solo
Big Wampum
Benefit Jam
Big Wampum jam with blues great Buddy Whittington  Youtube
Point Blank LIVE home recording
Point Blank - Highway Star LIVE
Point Blank - My Soul Cries Out  LIVE

Debbie Gibson - LIVE Dallas 2022- The Body Remembers
Debbie Gibson - LIVE Wembly Stadium
Debbie Gibson - No More Rhyme LIVE
Debbie Gibson - Who Loves Ya Baby
Debbie Gibson - LIVE HBO Atlantic  Records 40th
Debbie Gibson - Foolish Beat. Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary. LIVE
Debbie Gibson - Stayin' Together LIVE
Debbie Gibson - We Could Be Together  Live
Debbie Gibson - Electric Youth LIVE
Debbie Gibson - Lost in Your Eyes - LIVE
Debbie Gibson - Foolish Beat - Live Video
Debbie Gibson - "We Could Be Together"  (MTV Video)

Debbie Gibson -  We Could Be Together  MTV Vid
Debbie Gibson - "Electric Youth"  (MTV Video)
Debbie Gibson - "Stayin' Together"  (MTV Video)
Debbie Gibson - "Out Of the Blue"  (MTV Video)
Debbie Gibson - Who Loves ya Baby Video
Debbie Gibson -
No More Rhyme Live Home Video
Debbie Gibson - No More Rhyme MTV Video
Derek St Holmes George Lynch JAM
George Lynch Soundcheck

"Out Of the Blue Concert Film"  (Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA)

Electric Youth Live Concert Video (Omni Arena, Atlanta, GA.)

Firehouse 1987" Comedy Movie Extra

Nuke 'em High Movie Soundtrack

Point Blank - Local TX band. My own Home videos of recording the last album

Deborah  Gibson 1987-1990 , 2018,2022
The Body Remembers Tour 2022
Electric Youth World Tour '89-'90
Out Of The Blue World Tour  '88
Electric Youth
  (Atlantic  Album78203)
Wonder Years Soundtrack  (Atlantic)
Shake Your Love  (Live in London, Atlantic A9059CD)
Ana  (Epic/ Park ZK45355)
Deborah Gibson (Greatest Hits)

Sadowsky 5 at Artisan Studio in Dallas


Various  Jingles      
WBLI Radio ID   
Golddigger  Jeans
Lincoln / Mercury
Island  of  Jamaica
WBAB Best Of Long Island (One)
WBAB Best Of Long Island (Two)
WAPP Best of the Apple (NYC)


American  Music  Awards
NY Music Awards
Entertainment Tonight
Dick  Clark
(ABC  Television  Special)
Atlantic  Records  40th  Anniversary ( HBO  Special, Live)
Arsenio Hall Show "Lost in Your Eyes"
Click for Video
Arsenio Hall Show "Electric Youth"
Click for Video
Dick  Clark  Supermodels  of  The World (TV Special)
Deborah  Gibson Live Wembly Stadium (BBC  Broadcast)
Last  Call (CBS  and  Cable  Variety Show)
Videopolis  (Walt  Disney TV Special)
Celebrate  The  Miracles  (Disney TV  Special)
Countdown  Revolution  ( Australian  Television)
The View.
In BG Video at about 2:19
MTV Co-Guest Host with Debbie Gibson

Screenshot 2022-07-01 010454


Mazarin (1982-1986)             
Independent  Label, 250-300 shows per year.
Produced  by  Roger  Nichols

American  Tears 1978                       
Multi-Platinum songwriter
Mark Mangold. Powerhouse 
Columbia  PC34676 North  American 
Tour, TV, Radio

casey James mono (1)1

My favorite bass influences are:
Paul McCartney
| Andy West | Mel Schacher | Pino Palladino | Will Lee |
James Jamerson
| T-Bone Wolk | Verdine White | 60's,70's,80's,90's,00's ,10's radio |

Over the years I have also shared the stage with: 
Phil Collins
| J.Giels Band | Foreigner | Robert Plant | Foghat | Bonjovi | Belinda Carlisle |
Marshall Crenshaw
| Autograph | UFO | Vanilla Fudge |
The Bee Gees
| Paul Shaffer Band | Leslie West/Mountain | Paul Rogers |
Led Zeppelin at the Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary - HBO Special
and others.


I have written for a few Bass Publications, one being BassFrontiers Vol.3 Number 6 Nov./Dec1996 Sadowsky Bass PreAmp Hands On Review.

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I find the beauty is in the groove.. That is the spirituality part of playing.. the groove.. And that is what makes it happen even if it is 1 note or 1000 notes.... notes and melody are simply the mechanics, but the groove is the deep spirituality part of music that touches deeper than the ear.....
.... 2006

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