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   Joan Burkhardt
   Diane Burkhardt
   Darrell Stoffels
   Charlie Interrante in NYC for Bass link research and being a Great friend.
   Tommy Williams for the gig ...Visit his site at
   Poudah the Lhasa Apso
Brit the King Charles Spaniel
   Bill Moore
   Dr. Peck / N.A.E.T. is neat
   Dr. Thoreson in Austin ,TX ./ It's gonna sting a little
   Tashi -Alpha Dog- in Austin, We miss you
   Brian Unger
/Paris Recording Studios
  Dana the Nurse/ I love my DMPS
   Brantley Allen/ Computer/Network Guru
   David Baker / my favorite songwriter.
Here is his site
   Jimmy Coppolo / Alleva~Coppolo Guitars and Basses
   Phil Castallano / Platinum Island Studios
   Bob Rosa / Hit Factory /NYC
   Mo Eddie and Ann
   Mike Pedulla / MV Pedulla Guitars
   Roger Sadowsky /
Sadowsky Guitars NYC
  Rob Cunningham /  Daddario Strings
   Bob Archigan  / LaBella Strings
   Ken Hensley /  Ampeg
   Travis Clark in Nashville
   Ken Wallace /  Ian London Studio
   Stacy Williams and Alan Fishburn for all the legal council.                              
   Dan Miranda / Blue Oyster Cult / Queen
   Hugh McDonald / Studio Player/ BonJovi / For insisting that I get A Sadowsky
   Mark Brown /Paula Cole
   Dr. Glen Silver / for all the cracks
   Lynn Powell / Photography
   Tye Robison
January Sound Recording Studios
   Kevin Mazur / Photography
   Roger Hart /
Genz Benz Bass Amplification
   Jo Davidson / Musician,Songwriter, Talks Show host, Photographer,                 Zentertainment.org
   Peter Montessi / A-Design / REDDI Tube DI and Studio Gear

Jimmy Coppolo @ Alleva Coppolo Basses
Peter Montessi @
DR Strings
Mike Pedulla @
Pedulla Guitars
   Robert Keeley @ Keeley Pedals
   Tommy Armstrong @ EMG Pickups
   Tim McKee @ Mesa Engineering
   Mike Pedulla @
Pedulla Guitars
Jeff Genzler @ Genzler Amplification


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